Institution in the Ministries and Acceptance of New Aspirants at the Missionary Station of Vietnam

At the Missionary Station of Vietnam, Bro. Francis Xavier Nguyen Phuc Thien, RCJ was instituted in the Ministry of Lector, while Bro. Peter Truong Viet Thien, RCJ was instituted in the Ministry of Acolyte on December 25, 2019, at the community Chapel of Don Bosco, in Dalat. Four new Aspirants were also formally accepted during the same liturgy, which was presided over by Fr. King Cena, RCJ, the Responsible and Delegate ad personam in the Vietnam.


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Congratulrtions for the lector and accolyte,Aldo the four Aspirante, May the Fr. Hannibal accompany them during formativo and the whole religious Life as a rogationist of a Heart of Jesus.