July 27, 2015, the Rogationists in Maumere - Flores Indonesia, in partnership with the Formation Institute of St. Hannibal, organized a half-day “Echo-Seminar” of the International Congress for Formators held in Rome last April 2015. Fr. Jomari Ezpeleta, RCJ, being the Councilor for Formation of the St. Matthew Province and being one of the many participants of the said Congress, was the Resource Person during the seminar. He shared with full enthusiasm the precious learnings he got from that Congress in Rome. Fr. Jomari developed the theme, from the Letter of St. Paul to the Philippines, “Have among yourselves the same attitude that is also yours in Christ Jesus”. Formators and Superiors from different male and female congregations here in Maumere were invited to participate in the seminar. After an hour of talk from Fr. Jomari, there were the open-forum and sharing of experiences among the participants. At the end, the participants expressed their appreciation for organizing the activity and suggested conduct once again same activities for the purpose of enhancing and enriching the experiences of the Missionaries here in Maumere. 

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