2013 St. Anthony Sharing - Silang

June 9, 2013 Sunday, in the cold and misty heap of Silang Cavite, a thousand of young children coming from the neighbouring humble areas gathered together in St. Anthony Boys’ Village to celebrate the feast of the Saint of Miracle and to partake in their annual Sharing. The event was blessed by the presence of different Rogationist communities together with the Daughters of the Divine Zeal, Teachers and volunteers of the Rogationist College and generous benefactors. A Solemn Eucharistic Mass was celebrated to signal its official start.  Presided by Fr. Carlos Guzman RCJ, Vice Superior of SABV community together with Fr. Gabriel Flores RCJ the Superior, he captured the crowd’s attention by breaking open the word through a story form homily. He kept his audience’s eye glued unto him while trying to drive the point of the Gospel using plain words and making them actively participate in the celebration. Lunch followed thereafter. Prepared by the praying hands of the Rogationist Novices, the simple food was served with much joy by the tireless RCian volunteers making it extraordinary special. Already with a filled stomach, the Rogationist Religious brothers added more fun and excitement as they animate the children with their dances and shouts of worship. But, that’s not all, for the moment Jollibee entered into the scene and showcased his “bee-talents” under the beat of “Gwiyomi” and “Gentlemen” the seemingly heavy-eyed and tired children went on dancing and flashing full-stretched smiles and contented eyes.  

After all the shouts and dances for the Lord, silence covered the filled gymnasium. With hands clasped in hope, the little children threw glances and utter silent prayers to the Saint of Miracles as the boys of St. Anthony lift up his statue for the procession. Blessings of the bread then followed and immediately after, the children lined up for the giving of gifts. It was indeed another day of miracle; a day wherein charity prevails over indifference and selfishness, a glorious day for the Saint of Miracle and a day truly blessed and filled with God’s goodness. 

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