The 4th General Assembly at PHILIPPINE QUSI PROVINCE

“EGO SUM, NOLITE TEMERE, It is I, do not be afraid”. This is the overall theme of the 4th General Assembly of the perpetually professed members of the Philippine Quasi Province which was held at the Oasis of Prayer, Silang, Cavite, from April 21-28, 2014.

The Assembly served as a preparatory gathering of all the perpetually professed in view of PQP’s constitution as a Province. It was divided into two parts. The First part was a retreat in order to meditate and reflect on one’s life in the light of the said theme. The second part was the formal Assembly itself.

The assembly was lucky to have known personalities and some of our very own religious who facilitated the reflections. Fr. Francis Gustilo SDB, a member of the International Theological Commission guided everybody on the the first two day. The third day was a surprise reflection coming from none other than the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Manila, Card. Luis Antonio Tagle. In the in the afternoon of the same day Fr. Marcelino Diaz shared his thoughts on Prayer. The fourth day was given by Fr. Orvile Cajigal RCJ. He elaborated his experience being immersed with the poor in order to promote the poor. His worth encouraging experiences led everybody to appreciate the value of preferential option for the poor and simplicity of life.

On April 25, 2014 the participants of the Assembly had a one day outing or excursion in the famous resort in Batangas, the Balai Isabel. Everybody enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and ambience.

On April 26, 2015 the Second part of the Assembly, which is the formal Assembly, was held. After the opening rites, Fr. Bruno Rampazzo, RCJ, Vicar General and representative of the Superior General, presided over the said Assembly. He read the message and thoughts of the Superior General, Fr. Angelo Mezzari RCJ. Then there was the election of the Board of the Assembly which was composed of the following: Fr. Bruno Rampazzo, serving as President, Fr. Danny Montana as Moderator-1, Fr. Dexter Prudenciano as Moderator-2, Fr. John Lucas a Secretary (assisted by two other secretaries), Bro. Ryan Jiminez and Rev. RG Cagbabanua as Scrutineers. After the said election, Fr. Herman Abcede, the Provincial Superior read his Report on the Status of the Philippine Quasi Province. The other 4 Councillors made also the report on their respective sectors of responsibility. Then there was the presentation of the draft PQP Directory by Fr. Herman Abcede, Provincial Superior. He elaborated the itinerary of the Draft PQP Directory and the nature and value of this document in the life of the province.  Afterwards the assembly was divided into four groups or commissions to discuss and deliberate on the various articles. There were four commissions created namely: Commission on Religious life and Formation, Commission on Mission, Commission on Structures and Government, and the Commission on Administration of goods.

On April 27, 2014 the discussion and the committed deliberation continued. Then after the committee deliberation there was the so called plenary assembly in which the articles were explained and proposed to the Assembly later for approval. The plenary discussion served as to enhance the various articles of the directory and to evaluate its relevance.

On April 28, 2014 the final draft of the document by committee was presented again to the plenary assembly for approval. Article by article, the assembly confirmed or rejected the presented articles of the PQP Directory. When the approbation was over, the respective Councillors and even the provincial superior made their last or final message on the possible directions of the various sectors and of the province. Then missionaries of the various stations in Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea and Papua New Guinea shared some of their experiences to the assembly. Then when everything was over Fr. Bruno Rampazzo read his final message and concluded the session of the 4th General Assembly of the Philippine Quasi Province.

To express gratitude for the successful General Assembly, at 12:30 in the afternoon, Fr. Herman Abcede RCJ, the Provincial Superior, presided over the concluding Mass in the Oasis of Prayer Chapel. Fr. Herman made a synthesis of all the reflections and of the liturgical celebrations. He reiterated that everyone should not be afraid because “It is the Lord” and the Lord is enough and sufficient for us. There is no way to be afraid because the Lord made us, saved us, called us, declared that we are his, that we are precious and loved by him. Fr. Herman stressed also the need to be aware that fear may become obstacle for anyone to totally commit and move on with the Lord. Before the mass ended some certificates of appreciation were given to Fr. Bruno and to other religious who contributed a lot in the proceeding of the 4th General Assembly.

EGO SUM, NOLITE TEMERE. It is I, do not be afraid. Be courageous!