Bro. Herman Yoseni rcj just passed away today, October 7

I would like to inform you that Bro. Herman Yoseni Rcj, a newly professed Indonesian religious  assigned in our Seminary in Indonesia as brother assistant (for practical training) just passed away today, October 7, 2013, feast of the Most Holy Rosary, at 9:15 in the morning. He was found to have acquired a severe form of Malaria and for some days have been confined in the hospital to arrest and neutralize the virus but to no avail. He went into coma for some days and the doctors tried their best to address the sickness. There were some improvements but still it did not suffice to overcome the critical situation. Our community in Maumere, Flores, Indonesia did their best to follow up the matter. The parents were in Bro. Herman's side when he passed away this morning. Let us entrust Brother Herman Yoseni to the loving mercy of God and offer prayers for his eternal rest. Condolences! to relay condolences just send it through the email of the Father in Maumere: FR. BREYNARD PEJI:



they will relay your condolences to the family. Thanks. P. Herman Abcede, RCJ

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Request in Peace! Amen
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