Diaconal Ordination in Rogate Ashram (India)

This is to inform you
that our superior general Fr. Angelo Mezzari, has communicated that Bro.
Kannampuzha Thomas, Bro. Palathinkal Cineesh and Bro. Moothedath Roy have been
admitted to the order of diaconate. Through the imposition of hands of
mar Thomas Chakkiath, auxilary bishop of Ernakulam-Ankamaly,
they will be ordained deacons on 7 th July 2.30 PM at Rogate Ashram. Let
us continue our prayerful support to These young men as they prepare
themselves more intensely to the Priesthood.


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Submitted by rcj cmty of trani (not verified) on Wed, 06/29/2011 - 18:03

Tks for the invition bros.Thoms,Cineesh,Roy we will pray 4 u FR.hannibale we protet and will helpe all the life . with love and prayers.
community of trani.