had not
yet understand
Scripture: that he must rise from the dead

       It 's
mysterious and solemn ritual that
the Holy Church
performs in the days
of the Passion. As if it was caught in a sacred
gloom, a dark
veil covering the
holy images; and
with the term “Passion Sunday” it
invites the souls to cry on the Passion and death
of our Lord Jesus
Christ. Soon after this, a week of the Passion
will follow, which the Church calls
"holy or greater", in which its rituals
became more sad, its songs more melancholic, its vestments more mournful. Hence, there
are those who would prefer not to participate in
so much sacred gloom

       But then on the third day of such
intense commemoration, another much different takes over: it's Easter,
the great day of Resurrection! What a joy on that day!
What a celebration in the whole militant Church!
Brothers! If from
the militant Church I raise my gaze to the triumphant Church, there
I no longer see anymore
this alternating of tears and of joy,
of Passion and of Easter: but there,
Easter is perpetual,
immutable: there the
joy is full
and eternal

      If "Jesus"
means "Savior", our "salvation" is achieved precisely with
the Resurrection. Then we see Jesus who is no
longer subject
to the Passion,
but impassive and glorious, as we see him in the Kingdom of Glory, alive,
immortal, seated at the right hand of the Father. What does this mean? It
he glorified the Divine Majesty with the
sufferings and humiliations,
thus the Father gave
a Name above every other name:
"Jesus" we see him glorious among
and saints.

(Volume 12, file 1934
+ Volume 13,
file 1996)

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