Entrance to the novitiate

Aluva: On May 21st two postulants Bros. Jinto Pulparambil and Linto Pattassery made their entrance to the novitiate. Rev. Fr Luigi Toffanin the Major superior of the Rogationist Indian Quasi province officially accepted them to the novitiate  during the Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Joseph Mailaparambil at Rogate Ashram Chappel Aluva. He has entrusted this postulants to the guidance of the novice master Rev. Fr Shajan Thekkinethpazhayil . The new novices will have the canonical year of novitiate under the guidance of the Novice Master in  our Rogationist Gurudarshan Novitiate, Meenagady.


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tantissimi auguri! padre fortunato