Last July 12, 2014, Fr. Silvestre Robiñol was installed as the new Parish Priest of St. Lawrence the Deacon Parish in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. Likewise, Fr. Menard Cadeliña, who was recently ordained in the same Parish Church, was also designated as the Assistant Parish Priest, and assistant vocation promoter of the Diocese of Laoag.

The Holy Mass started at around 9:00 in the morning presided by Most Rev. Renato Mayugba, D.D., Bishop of Laoag, together with several priests from the diocese who welcomed enthusiastically the new parish priest. It was also participated by the members of the Family of the Rogate, the UPV, and the FDZ sisters

Bishop Mayugba reflected in his homily about the Parish Priest’s role as Pastor – always at the service of the flock. He must listen and respond to their needs, helping them to nourish their faith.

In a jovial way, the Bishop himself shared the sentiments of the Heart of Jesus when he began relating the way Jesus saw the abandoned harvest, like sheep without a shepherd, with the needs of the Diocese of Laoag, especially that of Bangui and Dumalneg. The Bishop even explained before the assembly the symbols of wheat, the Cross and the Heart which was in the stole of Fr. Silvestre – symbols which form the emblem of the Rogationists. With reference to “Apo” (Father) Hannibal, he was hoping that the Parish Church would soon become a seedbed of vocations. As he concluded his homily, Bishop Mayugba invited the whole assembly to pray and support Fr. Silvestre and Fr. Menard.

The rite of Installation proceeded when the Bishop called Frs. Silvestre and Menard in front of the altar. Fr. Silvestre made the profession of the faith, then with the welcome of the assembly. The Rite concluded with the Prayers of the Faithful, followed by the usual liturgical celebration.

Before the Holy Mass ended, there was also the reading of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Diocese of Laoag and the Rogationist Province of St. Matthew. Bishop Mayugba and Fr. Herman Abcede, Provincial Superior of the Province of St. Matthew, exchanged cordial messages which raised enthusiasm in the assembly through their lively reception of the new servants of the flock.

After the final blessing, the lunch reception was held at the outer hall of the Parish Church.

In the afternoon, a convoy comprised with some of the Priests, Religious students and the UPV went to visit the few chapels under the Parish. In particular, they went to visit a chapel in Dumalneg, and another in San Isidro, a few kilometres from the Parish Church. They went to see the situation of the present Mission Station entrusted to the two Fathers.

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