Rogationist College – Parañaque (RCP) Blessing and Inauguration

“Education should be animated by a love of Gospel values… a love for the person of Christ. In this way, young people grow into a new creation…” These words of the Apostolic Nuncio in the Philippines , Archbishop Edward Adams, DD, in his inaugural message captures the very core of the educative formation that Rogationist College – Parañaque gives to its students. This we also find in the very words of St. Hannibal, “every child is a project of God.” The festive celebration of the 31st of January 2009 was nothing but an “expo” of the phrases cited above.  In the event, RCP’s unique feature was announced and shown publicly, it is a school that touches lives and shapes the future.

The momentous event of the Inauguration of RCP was graced by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Edward Adams, DD who officiated the Eucharistic celebration together with Bishop Jesse Mercado, DD, bishop of Parañaque and Fr. Giorgio Nalin, RCJ, the Superior General of the Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus. Their presence was a concrete manifestation of an assured support and blessing from the Church.

The words of Ms. Kerstin Granlund, who generously provided  both the inspiration  to construct and to build  the school RCP in the name of the  Rogationists.  In her speech, it was  remarkably touching as she expressed her solidarity and love for all the children of St. Hannibal. She sees in each of the children a hope for a better future. Relating his own endeavor in the work for the poor children, Mr. Jan-Eric expressed his gratitude for the possibility given to him to contribute to be part of the vision of the new school  Ms. Kerstin and Jan-Eric, together with their families, were honored by the pupils of RCP and Multi-level school, college students of RC-Silang, through their festive and heart-warming presentations.

A proposal was presented as the program ended: “If we believe that we are called to action, let us listen to our hearts. Let us do it for our children. Let us do this for Love.” A challenge that has already been heeded and concretized by many generous persons in the past and at present and it will also continue in the future as long as there will be hearts who are willing to listen.

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Submitted by drossetti (not verified) on Wed, 02/04/2009 - 09:51
Pur ammettendo una mia ignoranza sulla non conoscenza dell\'inglese, penso comunque che sia più utile proporre anche una versione tradotta della notizie che riguardano gli eventi (tanti e ricchi) vissuti dai nostri Confratelli di lingua diversa... Penso che sennò io come tanti altri italiani (non solo Confratelli) potremo solo dire \"belle le foto\"!!! PS. Il discorso vale anche per le altre lingue, naturalmente! Grazie, Frà DARIO Rossetti RCJ
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Submitted by kcortez (not verified) on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 12:37
Worked well done, let us to continue to pray to the Lord of the Harvest, that He would always send numerous Efficient,Humane and Benevolent Educators in our schools. Let us continue to share the grace entrusted to us by our Lord and communicated to us by our St. Founder, St. Hannibal.
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