A stroke of the brush
dipped in red followed by quick swooshes of yellow tint. This was how Jervis Hidalgo started his
masterpiece.  Jervis intently draws,
making sure every stroke is precise and every color is vibrant. He takes in his
subject, thinks it over his head again and again and then finally decides that
yes, that element should be there.

Jervis is no painter
though. He is a seminarian at the Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus Seminary. 
He is one of many seminarians who joined
“Paskong Pilipino: Love ko ‘to” an in-house pai
nting activity of the seminary. 

Paintings by Jervis and all the other seminarian-artists of the Rogationists Seminary (Manila) are currently on view at Our Lady of Beautiful Love Parish in

Washington St.
, MervillePark,
aque.   The works will be auctioned off on December 7
5pm at the Rogationist Seminary, 65 St. Hannibal St., MervillePark, Paranaque. 

Christmas cards bearing the seminarian-artists designs are now available. Proceeds of the auction and the Christmas cards will be for the education fo the seminarians and the "Rogate Kids."

The Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus Seminary began in 1976 as an expansion mission by an Italian Congregation of Saint Hannibla Mary Di Francia, the Father of the Orphans and of the Poor, and the Apostle of Prayer for Vocations.The Congregation works to spread the message of the Rogate, or "the prayer to obtain good and holy workers for Jesus in the country".

Today with over 80 seminarians, the Rogationist Seminary also performs ministry for poor kidds, through feeding programs and catechism. Many of the so-called "Rogate Kids" have become grown-ups and are responsible members of the society.

Its different apostolates compel the seminary to raise funds for its various programs, as well as for the education of its own seminarians.


Fr. Jessie Martirizar, Rector of the Seminary, appeals to the faithful to buy the paintings at the auction as well as the Christmas cards to help the Rogationists in their various ministries for the needy especially the little ones.


To view the original paintings of the Seminarians visit the link: