Birthday Celebration of Fr. Jose Maria Ezpeleta and the Priestly Ordination Anniversary of Fr. Gilson Luiz Maia

On April 30, 2017, the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish hosted the celebration of the Birthday of Fr. Jose Maria Ezpeleta, the General Vicar and of the 25th Priestly Ordination Anniversary of Fr. Gilson Luiz Maia, the General Councilor on the Sector of the Sector of the Laity, the Youth and the Parishes. In the Holy Mass, presided over by Fr. Ezpeleta, with much enthusiasm did he recount to the faithful the encounter between the disheartened disciples and the risen Jesus at the road to Emmaus. He explained how the Eucharistic celebration itself is an actual reenactment of this very biblical episode, where the scripture is read and the bread blessed, broke and shared - a liturgy where the encounter with Jesus is most real. Towards the end of the Mass, Fr. Maia told the people how he loved and will continue to love his priesthood, as he thanked and sought prayers from everyone. A simple dinner shared with confreres, friends and benefactors followed. May St. Hannibal intercede for the Congregation, that it may receive more holy vocations, as she herself prays and works for vocations for the entire Church!
Bro. Christian Allan R. De Sagun, RCJ