Charcoal sketches of departed Rogationists by Fr. Shajan

During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fr. Shajan Pazhayi has made a series of charcoal drawings of portraits of our beloved departed confreres starting with the one of the Servant of God Fr. Joseph Aveni on the occasion of his 10th death anniversary on July 24, 2020. Then, it was followed by the sketches of Bro. Giuseppe Balice, Fr. Cesare Bettoni, Fr. Antonio Barbangelo, Fr. Luigi Toffanin, Fr. Roy Moothedath, Fr. Filippo Puntrello, and Fr. Antonio Magazzù. The most recent one is the portrait of St. Hannibal Mary Di Francia. This art technique uses charcoal (sticks, powder, or pencil) as the primary medium for drawing on paper. The original drawings are displayed in the conference hall of the General Curia in Rome.

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St. Annibale Maria Di Francia
Servo di Dio P. Giuseppe Aveni rcj
P. Cesare Bettoni rcj
Fr.llo Giuseppe Balice rcj
P. Antonio Barbangelo rcj
P. Roy Moothedath rcj
P. Luigi Toffanin rcj
P. Filippo Puntrello rcj
P. Antonio Magazzù
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