Feast of St. Hannibal and First Profession, Entrance to the Novitiate and Renewal of vows

01-06-2020 - St.Thomas Quasi Province gladly rejoices over God’s gracious blessings and gives thanks to the Master of the Harvest for the gift of First profession of 5 Novices             (Albert Thayyil, AmalAntony Perinchery, Jibin Pakathukunnel, Nikhil Kallugalthazhe, Tiljo Chollampuzha), entrance of 3 postulants to the Novitiate and the renewal of vows of 32 religious students. The entrance to the Novitiate and first profession took place at Gurudharsan Novitiate House, Meenangadi while renewal of vows took place in different places due to Covid 19 social distancing. Major Superior Fr.Joby Kavungal officiated the First Profession and entrance to the Novitiate, while as delegate of Major Superior Fr.Saji Kappikuzhi, Fr.Romal and Fr.Lixon received the renewal of vows at different houses.

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