In India, October 2nd is Celebrated as Gandhi-day as a gratitude of his love for nature and environment. Recently, this day is globally celebrated as Environment day too. We, Rogationist Academy used our time and space of this day, October 2, 2019, to have an increased awareness on the importance of environmental sensitivity. This comes at a pertinent moment when human impact on environmental is starting to have devastating consequences. We understood from observing children that they are sensitive to ecology. We only gave them the space and time, to develop on this by observing what was around. Our school has the advantage of having a rich, bio diverse, river side ecology along with farm life. We walked with our children, through our surroundings. What they brought out in questions, curiosities, and interpersonal discussions proved how sensitive youngsters are to non human life. We seek to develop on this unique exercise, when children across the world are already in action, as Greta Thunberg and her likes exemplify.....Fr. Vinu Velutheppilly, the Principal together with Dr. Mathew A Varghese, PTA President, Dr. Liz Marie Das, Parent’s Representative, Teachers of the Academy facilitated this creative environmental  sensitivity. 

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