Guadalajara, July First, 2022

Our lady of Guadalupe Delegation is doubly blessed this July 1, 2022, because on this date we are also celebrating the Perpetual Vows, the Renewal of Vows and the entrance to the Postulancy of our religious and seminarians in our Tonalá’s community.

As we all know, we commemorate on this date the permanent coming of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Avignon slums of Messina, Italy, in 1886. This feast points to the true presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This morning, the Tonalá’s community started July first, praying early morning the Office of Readings and lauds, followed by a Eucharistic procession around the “patio” of the house. Then   adoration started from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The Delegation government has decided on this special day to celebrate the entrance to the postulancy, the renewal of vows, and the perpetual vows. The Solemn Mass was at 6:00 pm. The principal celebrant was Fr. Antonio Fiorenza, the superior of Our Lady of Guadalupe Delegation. Fr. Fionreza and Fr. Javier Flores flew over from California to Guadalajara and accompanied the religious in their one-week retreat in preparation for their profession of vows. The concelebrants were Fr Manesh Parackel, Fr. Carlo Balaguer, Fr. Javier Flores, other guest priests (Fr. Enrique Gonzales, Fr. Luis and Fr. Heriberto) and Deacon James Tasy. In this Eucharist, Brother Gabriel Martinez Mendoza made his Perpetual Vows; Br. Nicolas Armando Lazaro Manzo, Br. Juan Reyes Cruz, and Br. Adan Perez Herrera renewed their Vows;  Sem. Jacobo Solis, Sem. Cesar Jaramillo and Sem. Victor Urbano de la Cruz formally entered in the Postolancy stage of formation.

            The three postulants, together with Roberto, another postulant, will do their full postulancy and their novitiate in the Philippines. They will fly to the Philippines as soon as their documents are ready.

            The Eucharist was followed by a delicious reception at the hall of the Seminary. Relatives of our seminarians and religious came over to witness this special event and many more friends participated.

            Around three hundred people came to participate on this July the First and to the Religious Profession of our religious. They all enjoyed a tasty dinner, listened typical Mexican music, danced along the rhythm of the songs and cut the creamy cake for all.  

            We are truly blessed by God for these young men who are advancing in their religious formation. We pray for them so that God may give them the gifts of joy, perseverance and generosity.



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