On-going Canonical Visit of Fr. Antonio Fiorenza to the Communty of Sanger, California

Fr. Antonio Fionreza, Superior of Our Lady of Guadalupe Delegation, together with Fr. Javier Flores, the secretary, started his second Canonical Visit to the Religious Community of Sanger, California. They began the aforementioned visit on October 21, 2021, at 9:45 AM. The members of this community are: Fr. John Bruno (Superior and Pastor), Fr. Renato Panlasigui (Prefect and Vice-Superior) and Fr. Mark Destura (Parochial-Vicar and treasurer). The first session of the meeting consisted of reading the reports of each one of their sectors. The reports gave a general panorama of the reality of this community. The Canonical Visit will continue until tomorrow and will end in the afternoon.    

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