Quasi Provincia Indiana

Calendar 2017

India, Aluva - Gennaio 2017- ll nostro ROGATE CHARITY CENTER di Aluva - India  ha dedicato il CALENDARIO 2017, alle Missioni Rogazioniste nel Mondo, privilegiando quelle che si dedicano alle attività educative, attraverso le adozioni a distanza e alle Adozioni Missionarie. Questo anche in ricordo del compianto P. Roy Thekkedath, della Quasi Provincia dell' India,  recentemente scomparso nella  nascente Missione di Angola! Inoltre, nel Calendario si propaganda la ROGATIONIST ACCADEMY, con la quale si inizia l' attività educativa attraverso la Scuola, nella città di Aluva.

Ordination of Fr. Fijo Malit

The Rogationist St. Thomas Quasi rejoices for the ordination of Fr. Fijo. The auxiliary bishop of Trissur mar Raphael Thattil raised Fijo to the sacred priesthood. Fr. Noby Ambookan, the parish priest extended a warm welcome to the ordaining prelate and to all the invited people. Fr. Shajan pazhayil assisted during the liturgical celebration as the arch deacon. After the ordination, the parish community organised a public meeting and fr. Unny Pottokaran inaugurated the meeting. 

Ordination of Fr. Sibin Poovely

The Rogationist St. Thomas Quasi Province, India rejoices today with the family of Fr. Sibin Poovely and St. Sebastian's Church Nayathode for the ordination to the presbiterate of Fr. Sibin Poovely. The ordination celebration started with a warm reception to the ordaining prelate and to deacon Sibin by the parish priest and the parish community at 9:15 am. The parish priest extended a warm welcome to bishop Jose Puthenvettil and to all the invited guests. The Major Superior Fr. Shajan Pazhayil assisted the ordination ceremony as the archdeacon.

Congratulations to the new deacons, acolytes and lectors of STQP, India

The St. Thomas Quasi Province, India rejoices today for the new five deacons; Manu, Lijo, Christy, Jinto and Jithin, to the Rogationist Family and the other brothers who received the minor orders of Acolytate and Lectorate. The ordination ceremony was held at the renewal centre, Kalloor, Ernakulam. His Lordship Rev. Dr. Antony Kariyil, CMI, the bishop of Mandya was the ordaining prelate. The parents of the deacons together with the Major Superior Fr. Shajan Pazhayil, the Superior of the Scholasticate Fr. Vinu Velutheppilly, the Vocation Promoter Fr.

Ordination to the Diaconate and Reception of Ministries

            St. Thomas Quasi Province will be blessed with five new Deacons, two Acolytes and eight Lectors during the liturgy presided over by His Excellency Mar Antony Kariyil at Ernakulam Renewal Center in Kaloor on December 17. The new Deacons are Reverends Christy, Jinto, Jithin, Lijo and Manu. Si allega il messaggio di auguri del Padre Generale.

Funeral ceremony of Fr.Roy Moothedath RCJ

Aluva, 19 November 2016: The agonizing and anxious waiting had its end on 19th November with the funeral function of Fr. Roy Moothedath RCJ at The Synodal Church, Udayamperoor that is his own parish.  The funeral ceremony was preceded by Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Chakkiath, the Bishop Emeritus, in the presence of the sorrowing family as well as a big assembly consists of big number of priests, sisters and laity. The human remaining of Fr. Roy was received at the airport at around 3:00 am and brought to the Rogate ashram chapel.  Fr.

Rogationist Academy celebrated the children’s day

Aluva, 12 November 2016:  Rogationist Academy celebrated the children’s day on 12 November 2016, Saturday in the morning. This celebration is in honour of Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru, a national leader, whose birthday is regarded as the national children’s day. All the parents were invited to have their presence on this occasion. The parents were introduced to the new programme of our Academy called Jungle Cubs for the physical education of children. The celebration was made colourful with the various beautiful programmes of the children and the competitions.

Farewell to Fr.Unny Pottokkaran RCJ.

Aluva, 26 October 2016: Fr.Unny Pottokkaran RCJ was honoured in the farewell meeting, held on 26 October 2016 at Rogate Ashram at 7:00 pm. The invited dignitaries extended their wishes and prayers to Fr.Unny who has been elected as the general councillor for Rogate, the first one from Indian Circumscription. The entire quasi province gratefully acknowledged his laudable service in the different sectors.