SMP - Communion of Communities

In celebration of the Year of the Parish, the second installment to a series of talks on Communion of Communities, [organized by Fr. Ariel Tecson, the Provincial Councilor on Religious Life, Formation and Pastoral Care for Vocations,] was delivered by Fr. Ulrich Gacayan on the theme “The Christian Community in St. Peter’s Epistle: its Insights and Challenges in our Time” at the Oasis of Prayer in Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite on July 15, 2017. Focusing on the first letter of St. Peter, Fr. Gacayan opened his presentation by elaborating on the nature and scope of the scriptural text, before enumerating the fundamental facets of the early christian communities under the guidance of the great apostle, as he cites interesting similarities and implications to the experiences of the Church these days. The scholarly speaker even shed light on the epistles’ proposal, which is the re-proclamation of the “theological identity”, expounding on it by giving further insights on communion. He, then, concluded by concisely summarizing his biblical thoughts.


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Talk 4

Pope Francis’ View on Community Living: The Spirituality of Communion

by Fr. Viktor Emmanuel Aurellana

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Bro. Christian Allan R. De Sagun, RCJ


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