Solemnity Of St Hannibal: The Perpetual Profession ff Brs. Akhil Vaipukkattil, Sebin Marakkassery and The First Profession Of Four Novices

Today (June 1, 2021) on the Solemnity of our Holy Founder St Hannibal Mary Di Francia, St Thomas Quasi Province rejoiced over the marvelous blessing that the Harvest Mster has given to this circumscription through the perpetual profession of Brs. Akhl Vaipukattil, Sebin Marakassery and the first profession of four novices: Abhijith SR, Abin Kappany, Edwin Manavalan & Sony Vadakumpadan,

In the context of strict Covid 19 social restrictions, the solemn celebration was held at Rogate Ashram Chapel with very limited the numbers of participants. Only the parents of the Brs. Sebin and Akhil could participate in this joyous event, where Fr Joby Kavungal presided over the Holy Eucharist and Frs. Shajan Pazhayil and Saji Puthuparambil concelebrated. Though only few could be physically present, the online telecast helped many to join the celebration and thanked God for this marvelous blessing to the church and to the congregation. The significant event ended with solemn lunch and a short meeting of felicitation.