Third-Day of the Annual Assembly

November 30 - On this day, we celebrated Mass at 7:15 am in our Parish St. Mary’s Church together with the people. Fr. John Bruno, the Pastor, presided over this celebration. In his homily, he highlighted the message of St. Andrew, the apostle, who had a special relationship with Jesus and became a vocation promoter; “Lord Jesus where are you living… ‘We have found the Christ!’ Andrew took Simon to Jesus.” Each baptized, he commented, has the commitment to invite the people to come to Church. All the more, he added, religious men and priests have to stay with Jesus and invite others to follow him.

            We dedicated the morning to the following topics: Information regarding St. Anthony Charity Center and Mission Appeal (Fr. Santi Scibilia), information regarding the Formation Houses (Fr. Renato Panlasigui and Fr. Carlo Balanger), information regarding Adoption at distance to India and México (Fr. Thomas Kannampuzha), information regarding “Centro Educativo Rogacionista” Capilla San Efrén, Tonalá, México.   (Fr. Manesh Parackel).

            A community sharing of each one of these topics took place. Finally, Fr. Antonia said his closing remarks. He underlined some concrete lines of action as a result of the Assembly, above all, about the Vocation Promotion. He stressed the importance of fraternal community life as an attraction for new vocations. He expressed words of gratitude to the Sanger community for being a special host of this Assembly.