90th Birthday of Rev. Fr. Giuseppe Aveni

The Rogationist Seminary Community of Manila joyfully announces and invites you
to join us in thanking the Lord for the person of our dearest Father Master,
Fr. Giuseppe Aveni, as we celebrate his 90th Birthday,
this coming December 5, 2008.

All of us know that all throughout these years Fr. Aveni has always rendered
his unreserved and untiring service for the love of the Church and the
Congregation especially in accompanying many of us during our journey of
religious and priestly formation. Even up to now, though he maybe physically declining,
yet he has never stop in sustaining us with his prayers and sacrifices.

You may send your wishes and greetings to Fr. Aveni through his personal email
address: aveni@rcj.org
or through my email address: jessie@rcj.org.


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anche da me per i novanta anni
del nostro carissimo P. Aveni,
mio indimenticabile
Maestro dei Novizi, ecc. ecc. ecc.
Con affetto.
P. Riccardo Pignatelli. rcj