General Assembly Day 3: Reading the Signs of the Times

By JMEzpeleta

 (April 25) The focus of the reflection by Bishop Pabillo was on the attitude of discernment of the signs of the times. He outlined the various realities of the society particularly regarding poverty in the context of the Philippines and Asia. This helped the Assembly participants to renew efforts and commitment to be of preferential service to those at the margins.

Fr. Herman distributed the provisional English translation of the newly approved Constitutions and Norms which will be a valid instrument in the reading of the signs of the times in the contexts of the five countries that comprise the Quasi Province. In the Philippines, there are nine communities, two missionary stations and one missionary presence. Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea and Papua New Guinea has one missionary station each.

The first part of the General Assembly of the Philippine Quasi Province has ended with the concluding Mass presided by the Bishop. At dinner, the confreres congratulated Fr. Dante Quidayan who celebrated his birthday.

The work of the Assembly starts on April 26 with Fr. Bruno Rampazzo RCJ, Vicar General, presiding.

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