Merry Christmas from Edea (Cameroun)

To mark the Eucharistic Year in our Congregation, the Rogationist Communities of the Rogationist - Ngoya and Edea, Cameroon celebrate the Christmas Day together in Maison Saint  Hannibal Marie Di Francia - EDEA. A two-day outing is organized in KRIBI Beach for all our Religious Brothers and Priests the following day. On December 29, the communities together with the  Daughters of Divine Zeal  will be
visiting the "Pygmées du Cameroun" in order to share with them the Spirit of Christmas and to make presence with them the Eucharist. On New Year's Eve both communities of the Rogationist in Cameroon will stay together in the Scolasticat Saint Hannibal - NGOYA. P. Philip Golez


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