News from Aluva

altaltaltaltaltaltaltaltReception of the New priests

​The Rogate Ashram community organized the reception of the New priests. The three newly ordained priests celebrated their thanksgiving Eucharist at the centre of Studies, where they spent most of their formation period. Fr. James presided over the celebration, Fr. Dileep shared the reflection, emphasising the expectation of people about priests. He asked the assembly to pray for the Holiness of priests. The parents of the new priests, the benefactors of the community and Daughters of Divine Zeal communities represented for the thanksgiving celebration.

Fellowship meal with his Lordship Bishop Cleetus Perera and Sri Lanken Priests!

​The Rogationist STQP, invited his Lordship Cletus Perera and fifteen Sri Lanken priests for a fellowship meal. The bishop and a group of Sri Lanken priests came to Divine Retreat center, Chalakudy for their annual retreat. Today they fruitfully finished their retreat and responded to our invitation to come over to Aluva for a dinner. On behalf of the QP, Fr. Vinu Veluthppilly introduced the province and welcomed everybody to the friendship meal. It was intended to know and get in touch with the Sri Lanken priests as we begin our missionary presence in Sri Lanka. The bishop at the end thanked the community and invited all the priests to pray for the Rogationists and if possible to help the Rogationists to open the possibilities of beginning their apostolate in other dioceses. Fr. Unny Pottokkaran introduced the congregation, its charism and apostolate. Fr. Shajan thanked the bishop and the priests for accepting our invitation and for their valuable presence. 

Theology Brothers in Kandi, Sri Lanka

The Rogationist St. Thomas Quasi Province has sent two of the religious students, Bro. Rinu and Bro. Jomon, to the national seminary at Kandi, Sri Lanka for their theological studies. Fr. Vinu Velutheppilly, the councillor responsible for the sector of formation joined Fr. Varghese Panickassery, responsible of the Sri Lanken mission, for the inaugural celebration of the academic year on October 01, 2015. Most Rev. Dr. Noel Emmanuel, the new shepherded of the diocese of Trinomalee, Sri Lanka, presided over the opening Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Elmo Dias, the rector of the seminary addressed the staff and students, The rector, quoting the Holy Father, Francis said, "We live in an age when we are constantly being enticed by vain and empty illusions of happiness, we risk settling for less and "thinking small" when it comes to the meaning of life." These illusions can also enter into the minds of 'young men who have kept their hands on the plough.' Therefore, we need to constantly remind the young seminarians who were selected by the Master himself to follow Him and to stay on course with eyes fixed on Jesus, 'without being afraid of or distracted by the strong worldly winds, which makes them sink'. The two brothers are accommodated in the scholasticate of the blessed sacrament fathers in the same campus of the seminary. In the evening we had an encounter with Fr. Justin Chowhan, the director of the scholasticate to discuss the formative program of the brothers together with the blessed sacrament scholastics and to clarify the terms and conditions with the two congregations. Fr. Varghese Panickassery will accompany the two brothers in their theological formation to priesthood. 

Inauguration of the "Preparatory year": Mission Indian Project!

The Rogationist STQP, officially inaugurated the "year of preparation for Mission India Project"! It is the desire of the Quasi Province to begin North and North East Indian Missions by next October 2016. The inaugural address of the Major Superior is given below: