Rogate Sneha Bhavan – Nalgonda

With great joy and gratitude to God the almighty for His continuous blessings to our Congregation, the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus, cordially invit you to the joyful occasion of the Bessing of Rogate Sneha Bhava (rehabilitation center for street, school dropouts and working children) at Nalgonda, Andhara Pradesh on February 17, 2014 at 5.30 pm by Most Rev. Fr. Angelo A. Mezzari (Superior General of the Rogationist) and to ghe solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided by His Excellency Govindu Joji (Bishop of Nalgonda Diocese) Wi count on your valuable prayers and esteemed presence on this beautiful occasion. Fr. Shajan Pazhayil RCJ Provincial