Canonical Visit of the Provincial Superior to the Oasis of Prayer

August 13-16, 2019

Day 1.

The canonical visit officially started with the Mid-afternoon prayer at 3pm. Present in the initial meeting were Fr. Orville, Fr. Ronnie, Fr. Ulrich, Fr. Viktor, Fr. Jobert, Fr. Jonrey, Fr. Alvin, Bro. Nilo, Bro. Jeword and Bro. John. After the prayer, Fr. Ronnie reported the status of the House and the Rogate Enterprises. Afterwards, the community grabbed the opportunity of Fr. Alvin’s presence for some clarifications on administering the Oasis of Prayer and the signing of the Turn Over Documents. The day ended with the praying of the Vespers.

Day 2

Part of the Canonical visit is the creation of the 4-Year Strategic Plan of the Rogate Enterprises. The whole morning was dedicated in the creation of the Plan for Oasis of Prayer as a sample for all other enterprise. In the afternoon, the fathers were left alone to create the plan of each enterprise. Meanwhile, at around 3pm, Fr. Orville had an encounter with the staff of the Rogate Images. After dinner, we had a simple bonding with the Provincial at the Caffe Sant’Antonio.

Day 3

Continuation of the Strategic Planning. Meanwhile, Fr. Orville met the staff of Oasis of Prayer at 9am, the staff of the Rogate Press at 11am and the staff of the Caffe Sant’Antonio at 3pm. In the other hours of the day, Fr. Orville had his fraternal dialogue among the members of the Religious Community. At 5pm, we left for Fora Mall Tagaytay for a community bonding, watching the Divine Fury followed by a simple dinner.

Day 4

The entire day was dedicated for the reporting and commenting on the created plans for each enterprise. At 6:30pm, Fr. Orville had the closing meeting with the Religious, thanking the religious for all the service and charity, commending the community for a very familial bonding. Then, we concluded the Canonical Visit with the Vespers and the official Turn-Over ceremony of the Rogate Press from the leadership of Bro. Nilo to Fr. Ronnie.    

Bro. John D. Dela Cruz, RCJ

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