St. Anthony’s Boys Village – Rogationist Academy Davao is 15 Years Old

            St. Anthony’s Boys Village – Rogationist Academy Davao concludes its week-long 15th year Foundation Anniversary with the solemn celebration of the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and the prayer of the Great Supplica on January 31, 2017. Here is the highlights of the events.


Day 1 (Jan. 25): Official start of Foundation Week 2017! We had the opening mass in the morning, presided by our Rector and President, Fr. Ronald Masilang, RCJ, who shared his reflection on this year's theme: "15 Years of Rogationist Education: A Joyful Fidelity to Educate the Young”.

In the afternoon, we had the parade of the teams of the students, namely, Fr. Buscio, Fr. Drago, Fr. Aveni, and Fr. Vitale. This was followed by the opening program. The highlight of which was the Boy Scout Excercises and the Opening Salvo.


Day 2 (Jan. 26): The whole morning was dedicated for the different games that the students passionately fought for, while the non-players enthusiastically cheered and supported their respective teams. In the afternoon, to enrich everyone’s knowledge and familiarity about the “Fore-Fathers” (Fr. Francis Vitale, Fr. Joseph Aveni, Fr. Carmelo Drago, Fr. Diego Buscio), the First Rogationist Academy Film Fest was held and participated also by the Four Teams.


Day 3 (Jan. 27): For the whole day, our school was filled with visitors as we hosted various inter-school quiz bees, and dance sport and singing contests. In the afternoon, we had our own singing contests and dance contests among the RA-Davao students. All participated very well and fought hard for the glory of their respective teams.


Day 4 (Jan. 28) The morning witnessed the Medical Mission and Blood-letting program. In the afternoon, Alumni reunited in a visit to their Alma Mater, and once again be in touch with their former mentors and younger brothers and sisters. Games were organized for the alumni who fought against the mentors and the current students of the Rogationist Academy-Davao. In their basketball game, the mentors won the intense close ball game 58-64. Noteworthy is the Fr. Carlo Balaguer's 20-point game. Later, four teams participated in a musical-acoustic competition.


Day 5 (Jan. 29): Motorcade was organized around Toril to promote and advertise our center of learning. The four Houses flaunted their intricately decorated floats as they roamed around Toril.


Day 6 (Jan. 30): The championship games were held in the morning, while in the afternoon was dedicated to the Search for Mr. & Ms. RA 2017 and the cultural night.


Day 7 (Jan. 31): Last day of the events, concluding with the solemn of the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and the prayer of the Great Supplica. In the afternoon, the different groups presented their closing number and received the prizes for thee various competitions.