St. Matthew Provincial Council Meeting

Strategic and Annual Planning / Annual Meeting of the SMP Local Superiors and Responsible, April 12-16, 2023

The St. Matthew Provincial Council, led by Fr. Orville Cajigal, RCJ, the Provincial Superior, held its meeting at the Oasis of Prayer, in Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite on April 12, 2023. Among their varied agenda was the completion of the long-awaited Composition of the Communities, which they intend to release in the coming months. Succeeding this monthly meeting, the Provincial Councilors (Fr. John Joffer Lucas, RCJ - Provincial Vicar and Councilor on the Parishes, Laity and Vocation Ministry; Fr. Ronaldo Paulino, RCJ - Councilor on Religious Life, Formation and Vocation Ministry; Fr. Jessie Martirizar, RCJ - Councilor on the Rogate; Fr. Ronaldo Masilang, RCJ - Councilor on the Service of Charity and Missions. Plus, Fr. Alfonso Flores, RCJ - Provincial Treasurer; and Bro. Christian Allan De Sagun, RCJ - Provincial Secretary and Archivist) met with the select representative-members of their respective Commissions for the Strategic and Annual Planning on April 13-14, integrating in their scheduled activities the priority goals and indications drawn from the last General and Provincial Chapters and from the more recently concluded Conference of the Superiors and Treasurers of the Circumscriptions. The resulting plans and schedule of activities were, in turn, presented for implementation to the local Superiors and Responsible during their Annual Meeting held on April 15-16. These series of encounters were enwreathed with periods of common prayers and dialogues. Thanks to Fr. Jorge Casaberde, RCJ, who was tasked to be the overall coordinator and facilitator, and to the Religious Community of the Oasis of Prayer-Cavite, for their warm welcome and accommodation. Thanks, too, to the St. Anthony’s Boys Village-Cavite and the Novitiate. Genuine appreciation goes, as well, to all the participants, who joined either physically and virtually. May all these efforts find fulfillment, with God’s guidance and graces!