STQP India: Diaconate Ordination

Angamaly, 10/04/2024: In a solemn ceremony held this morning at the Our Lady of Rogate Ashram community chapel, Bro. Amal Kettupurackal RCJ and Bro. Jobins Thazhathuveetil RCJ were ordained to the diaconate. The ordination, which took place with the imposition of hands by Mar. Bosco Puthoor, the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Eranamkulam - Angamali, marked a significant milestone in the journey of these two Rogationist Brothers. Both newly ordained deacons, currently pursuing theological studies in Sri Lanka, were joined by their parents and close relatives who witnessed the auspicious occasion. The ceremony symbolized their commitment to serve the church and their community with dedication and humility. With their eyes set on future missions, Dn. Amal and Dn. Jobins embarks on this new chapter in their spiritual journey, inspired by the teachings of Christ and guided by the principles of the congregation. The Rogationist community extends its heartfelt congratulations and prayers to the deacons, trusting in their abilities to be compassionate servants of God and agents of change in the world.

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