New team to lead St.Thomas Quasi Province India

St.Thomas Quasi Province India, 26 August 2017: The new governing team has been erected for St.Thomas Quasi Province India. At the end of the general assembly of the quasi province held in the quasi province house Alwaye, Rev.Fr.Bruno Rampazzo RCJ, the superior general officially announced the new government at 2:45 pm and thanked the former governing team. Rev.Fr.Joby Kavungal RCJ is appointed as the Major Superior of the Quasi Province The Superior General appointed Rev.Fr.Varghese Panickassery RCJ as the vicar, Rev.Fr. Saji Kallookkaran RCJ as the Treasurer and councillor, Rev.Fr. Saji Kappykuzhi RCJ and Rev.Fr. Albert Kollamkudy RCJ  as the councillors. The new major superior Fr.Joby Kavungal RCJ has taken the oath before the Superior General and preceded the mass afterwards. 

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