Progetto Kitiwum (Cameroun)

Dearest Father, I would like to request if you can publish our updates of the progetto kitiwum here Kumbo, Northwest Cameroon, in the site

In the first week of June we have started the completion of Takui school, with new roofing, ceiling, plastering of walls inside the classrooms, Veranda, entrance stairs, and toilet for the teachers. within a month we are able to almost complete the structure and what is lacking is the painting of classrooms both inside and outside.

At this moment we have started already the Rehabilitation of the kitiwum school. WE started with the extension of roofing, and plastering of walls. Now, we are working with the pillars and beams of the collapsing old and aged buildings that consists of four classrooms.

Hopefully the photos attached here may help the publication in the

Thank you very much. Rogate  Fr. Rey


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