The STQP, India started the general assembly

The STQP, India started the general assembly from November 17 - 19, 2015.  Fr. Shajan Pazhayil presided over the con-celebrated Holy Eucharist. Reflecting on the gospel (Luke. 19:1-10), he said; the call of Zacchaeus is a divine intervention. We have to see our vocation from this perspective of the call. Its is not our choice but God planned it and we have to believe in this call. Jesus purposefully entered Jericho to call Zacchaeus, with his limitation of shortness. To better understand our call, we have to climb the tree of prayer and locate ourselves in the branches of Faith, Hope and Charity. From these different perspectives, we have to understand the call and to respond to Jesus's call. The assembly resumed, extending a hearty welcome to all the conferers. The Major Superior and councillors made a short report about their respective sectors.