Annual recollection of the Office of Spiritual Affairs

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“Discipleship is not an option. Jesus says that if anyone would come after me, he must follow me.”―Tim Keller

The students from Grade 11 - St. Anthony of Padua were able to participate face-to-face in the annual recollection of the Office of Spiritual Affairs which gives focus on being a good disciple of Christ, on November 14, Monday.

Before starting, the students were first oriented about the rules and regulations inside the area. Afterwards, Fr. Villamonte began his talk that focuses on the discipleship towards God, in which he encouraged the students to be a good disciple of Christ.

Following the discussion, the students were encouraged to do the confession, letting them reflect upon themselves and seek forgiveness for their sins in order to be able to live a more holy life in His divine light.

In the afternoon, all of the students had the opportunity to express their personal reflections and experiences during the sharing period, with some of them becoming touched and emotional as they openly told their classmates stories about their lives. During the sharing, Fr. Rey Villamonte gives positive advice to the students that will help strengthen their trust and faith despite the difficulties they are experiencing personally.

To wrap up the whole-day activity of the section, Fr. Villamonte held a holy mass allowing the students to have some personal prayers and reflections on what they have learned during the recollection activity itself. Lastly, the recollection was ended with the entire section showing their bright smiles while taking photographs.

The activity took place at Oasis of Prayer and was facilitated by Mr. Don Deo Alegre and Fr. Rey Villamonte alongside the class adviser, Mrs. Reah A. Pangilinan, who accompanied the students throughout the event.