Progetto Kitiwum-Takui. Aggiornamenti

Seguono gli aggiornamenti di P. Rey Villamonte circa i lavori di ristrutturazione delle scuole primarie di Kitiwum e Takui, della nostra Parrocchia della zona anglofona del Camerun.
Dearest Fathers,
Updates of our project in the  Rehabilitation of Kitiwum Catholic Primary School.
This last week, we were able to finished plastering of walls to the four classrooms of classes Six and Nursery Building. There was the delayed of the work because of heavy rain falls. we were able to finish the last four classrooms roofing which may facilitate well our work despite of rainy season. Doors were fitted to four classrooms already. Sometimes we have to wait for the materials like sand and gravel because of the bad and slippery road to go up to Kitiwum. We are praying for good weather this week.
Some photo updates of our School Progect - Progetto Kitiwum Takui School. Thanks be to God we are now in the final stage of the Completion of the school structures of Takui Catholic primary School. We have started with the preliminary paint coatings of the ceiling, walls both interior and exterior. We are hoping that we can finalize everything this week. Thanks for your prayers.
Thanks for your prayers

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