General Assembly Day 4-5: Vision-Mission and Strategic Planning

 (April 26-27) The General Assembly of the Philippine Quasi Province went on full work on two main goals: formulate the vision-mission of and strategically plan for the Fiscal Year 2012-15. This is in view of the setting the ground toward the constitution of the Philippines into a Province by the end 2014 or in 2015 as indicated by the Plan of the General Government. The process was facilitated by Fr. Dexter Prudenciano RCJ, PQP Counselor on the Sector on Charity and Mission.

 Fr. Bruno Rampazzo RCJ, Vicar General who was delegated Father General Angelo Mezzari RCJ to preside over the Assembly, opened the gathering with the reading of the Report of Superior General on the Canonical Visit which he conducted in the Circumscription in January-February 2012.

 The Assembly members broke into four groups based on the sector committee they belong to. Each sector formulated vision-mission statements which were later collated. From these, the sectors made strategic plans for the next 3 years based on expected target outputs using the backtracking methodology. On the second day, the sectors fine-tuned their strategic plans and composed detailed plans for the first year of implementation in 2012-13. All the 3-year plans as well as the detailed plans for the current Fiscal Year were presented to the Assembly in plenary meeting for a final reading and approval. The Government of the Circumscription will adapt and fine-tune this 3-year strategic plan which will be the point of reference of the Quasi Province.

 An ad hoc secretariat was created to synthesize all vision-mission statements of the four sectors into one over-arching vision-mission for the entire Philippine Quasi Province which was read and accepted by the Assembly.  A technical committee will finalize the formulation and present it the Government of the Quasi Province for approval and adaptation by the Circumscription.

 During the celebration of the Eucharist, Fr. Herman Abcede, Major Superior of the PQP, thanked the Assembly participants for their active participation and hard work to outline the vision-mission of the entire Circumscription in the coming three years. The whole process was an exercise of common discernment and collaboration which are going to be the same attitudes to realize the vision, mission and strategic plan. He also announced the new assignments of some confreres of the Quasi Province.

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