Gathering families and seminarians from different chapters in Luzon, the annual gathering of the chapters PamilyaRog took place at St. Anthony’s Boys Village-Rogationist College, Silang, Cavite last April 20-21, 2013.

The first day of gathering featured the celebration of the 50th World Day of Prayer for Vocations. They participated in the whole-day activity which featured catechesis, Holy Mass, Adoration, group dynamics and cultural performances. Here, families and seminarians were inserted into groups as part of the event’s grouping dynamics. After the event, the families gathered into the refectory at the Boys Village to discuss what will happen the next day.

The second day of gathering featured the retreat talk and meeting of different chapters. In the morning, Fr. Ariel Tecson gave the retreat talk to families in the auditorium of the school. The theme of his talk was about faith and how to live that faith even in ordinary circumstances of life. After the talk, sharing took place among different chapters. Fr. John Lucas, RCJ presided the Holy Mass, concelebrated by the formators of the seminary. Picture-taking took place after.

In the afternoon, families gathered together into different provinces discussed about the proposal to be inserted as part of the formation in the Union of Prayer for Vocations (UPV). This includes proposals regarding meetings and upcoming projects for every province. The conclusion of the two-day event took place as Fr. John and Fr. Ariel convened the general assembly. In that assembly, the each representative from provinces presented their observations as well as their proposal for their respective provinces.

Finally, Fr. John gave his closing remarks and gratitude for the participants in the two-day activity. Fr. Ariel gave his closing prayers, as well as the final blessing.

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