Philippine Delegation Superiors, Responsible and Treasurers meet (admin)

On June 16 -18, 2011 the superiors,
responsible and treasurers of the Philippine Delegation had a three-day meeting
at St. Hannibal Rogate Center. The highlights of this meeting consisted
primarily on echoing of the recent meeting of the Superiors and Councils in
Rome and the elaboration of the various lines of action which have been drafted
by the various committees or sectors headed by the Delegation Councilors. Fr.
Herman Abcede, Major Superior of the Delegation, in his introductory message
stressed the need to consider the three components for a journey towards a
maturing Philippine delegation such as (1) Relationship vis-à-vis Teamwork, (2)
common vision vis-à-vis rule of life, (3) empowerment vis-à-vis responsibility.
The Councilors, Fr. Cesare Bettoni, Fr. Enrique Raveza, Fr. John Lucas and Fr.
Dexter Prudenciano,  elaborated all the
lines of action which have been drafted for possible implementation within the
year 2011-2014. Some of the responsible of the missionary stations had some
good moment of sharing their experiences and presenting the instances of their
mission. Fr. Rene Ramirez explained the various communication tools at our
fingertips. Mr. Roel Hermosilla, a master of accounting, had an interesting
talk on the finance management of various non-profit institutions. The
three-day event ended with a bountiful lunch offered by the UPV members, some
friends and benefactors.