Preparazione per il 1° Capitolo della Provincia S. Matteo

Nella ricorrenza della Festa del 1° luglio 2014, il Superiore Maggiore della Provincia S. Matteo (Filippine, Indonesia, Vietnam, Corea del Sud, Papua Nuova Guinea), P. Herman Abcede, con una lettera circolare, invita i Superiori delle Comunità, i Responsabili delle Stazioni Missionarie, tutti i Religiosi delle Case, i Novizi, Postulanti e Seminaristi, nonché i membri della Unione di Preghiera per le Vocazioni, le Missionarie Rogazioniste e tutta la Famiglia del Rogate nella Provincia S. Matteo, a iniziare la preghiera in preparazione al 1° Capitolo Provinciale che si terrà il prossimo dicembre 2014.  Il testo della preghiera ufficiale richiama il tema del Capitolo: “Novum fecit Dominus!” Alla nuova Provincia Rogazionista S. Matteo il nostro augurio di una buona preparazione!  

 Riportiamo qui il testo della preghiera in inglese:

            Prayer in Preparation for the First Provincial Chapter

                 of the ROGATIONISTS – “ST. MATTHEW PROVINCE”

               Novum fecit Dominus! The Lord makes all things new!

Gracious God and merciful Father,

origin and fulfillment of life, faith and mission,

in the past, your divine presence and plan were manifested through

chosen servants: prophets, judges, kings and priests.

In a hostile, sinful and indifferent world,

You delivered them with your powerful hand and outstretched arms.

As they carried the banners of holiness and justice,

You urged them with the words:

“I AM with you... See, I make all things new” (Is. 43:19)

Through Your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Good Shepherd,

Your divinity and mission were manifested anew in the lives of

Your apostles, martyrs and saints, establishing  the Church as a school of compassion.

You have chosen Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia to be the Apostle of the ROGATE

and  loving Servant of the Poor.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of his canonization,

move us all his sons, in the spirit of the Rogate, to pray and work zealously for more holy

workers in the Church and to generously dedicate our lives for the poor.

As we journey with the Church through stormy seas,

confirm all of us with these words:

“If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation.” (2Cor. 5:17)

Holy Spirit, bond of love in the Trinity,

the promised Paraclete, the Intercessor,

Your work has brought wonderful charisms for the good of the Church

for You are the genuine source of wisdom, knowledge and truth.

With awe and humility, we, the members of the Rogationist  St. Mathew Province,

beg you to make us: Men of Prayer and Charity.

Guide us in our preparation for our First Provincial Chapter.

Sanctify, confirm and empower us to say:

The Spirit of the Lord is in us, and with Him, we can make all things new.” (cf.Rev.21:5)

Mary, our Lady of the Rogate,

Be our gentle guide as we go deeper into a life of prayer;

Be our Queen and Mother as we commit our lives for the service of others;

As one community, we may always be united in Jesus, your Son:

in joys and in sorrows, in health and in sickness, for richer or for poorer,

for the greatest consolation of the Heart of your Son.

Like you, and with you, may we always sing: “a new song to the Lord,

for he has done marvelous deeds.” (Ps. 98).


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