200 Altar Boys gather for Encounter 2018

February 27, 2018

Rev. Ferdinandus Heldi Tanga, RCJ

February 24, 2018—Almost 200 Altar Boys gathered for the Annual Encounter of Altar Servers, with the theme: “Sacristan Ako, at si Hesus ang Lodi Ko”, held at the Father Di Francia Center of Studies. These boys come from the 13 parishes where the Religious Students go for the weekend apostolate.

The registration of the delegates started at around 6:15 in the morning as well as the animation. Shortly after, they went to the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Center of Studeis  for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, presided over by Fr. Rodolfo Patiag, Jr, RCJ, Superior and Rector of the Religious Community. In his homily, he emphasized on the need of the Sacristans to follow their “Lodi” (slang for hero or idol), Jesus Christ, and to always have commitment to serve the Lord and His Church.

After some minutes of break and merienda, Fr. Wilford Urmaza, RCJ the Vocation Director of FHFC Seminary, who was once also, in his yonder years, an active altar server, delivered his keynote inspirational speech. He encouraged the Sacristans to make Jesus as their super hero, serving him with full zeal and joy. Fr. Wilford also took the opportunity to invite the sacristans to join the Vocation Orientation at the Father Hannibal Formation Center- Manila on April 9-13 2018. After lunch, the amazing race, quiz bee, and basketball games were actively participated and gladly enjoyed by the participants.

Rev. Ferdinandus Tanga, the main coordinator of the gathering, and Fr. Menard Cadeliña, a visiting priest, concluded the event by awarding of the certificate to all the participating parishes, and the winners from the various games that were organized.