Annual Assembly in North Hollywood, CA

On November 21-23 the Rogationists in the Delegation of Our Lady of Guadalupe came to celebrate their Annual Assembly in North Hollywood, California in the community of St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish.

The first day was devoted to the presentation of the documents of the XII General Chapter by Fr. Antonio Fiorenza, the presentation of the Liturgical Proper for the Rogationists by Fr. Antonio Fiorenza and Fr. Peter Quinto, presentation of the theological and pastoral aspects of “Amoris Laetitia” by Fr. Marco Durazo.

The second day was regarding the Report of the Delegation Government by  Fr. Antonio Fiorenza, Fr. Edwin Manio and Fr. Devassy Painadath followed by sharing and discussions.

The third day was the presentation of the Directory of the Delegation by Fr. Edwin, Fr. Rene Panlasigui, and Fr. Denny Avimoottil. There was no sufficient time to finish the discussion. The communities will continue the reading and submission of suggestions and changes. The conclusion was done with the Eucharistic celebration with the Daughters of Divine Zeal in St. Elizabeth. The two congregations of St. Hannibal will celebrate together Thanksgiving on the 24 of November to be hosted by St. Elizabeth community.

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