Friends of Fr. J Aveni - Vol 2 No. 1 - January 2017

​Dearest Confreres, 


Here is the first issue for the 2017 series of the supplementary flyer for the "FRIENDS OF FR. JOSEPH AVENI". It is our hope that with this simple instrument we can continue to help you know more and more his exemplary life, draw inspiration from his profound teachings and imitate his virtues. May this also be a means to keep us all connected with one another (now almost 1000 online and offline members) and “help carry each other’s burden” as we join together in praying for requested intentions and thanking for the graces received through his intercession. All this, for God’s glory and for the good of souls! 

​As we use to say, ​“ ​new year, new life”! And indeed, new opportunity! So this 2017 series of the “Friends of Father Joseph Aveni”, which comes in a more handy form, will feature “A Biographical Sketch” and some Letters he sent “with fraternal affection  in Jesus and Mary”. 

Finally, let us also pray together so that we could obtain the grace of initiating as soon as possible within this year the official Process of his Canonization. May this desire of ours be according to the holy will of God. ​God bless you all! ​

Fr. Jessie G. Martirizar, RCJ

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