News from Srilanka

October 2016

October 1, 2016- Parish Feast of St. Teresa of Child Jesus

The community of Rogationist Mission Home Srilanka, joined the parish community (Dehigahapetiya) for the feast of St. Teresa of Child Jesus. The Solemn vespers and delightful procession and variety of firecrackers made the day more colorful and cheerful.


November 11 – Ratnapura Diocesan Eucharistic rally

This day was so significant in the historical pages of the Diocese of Ratnapura. Our community was fully present for its preparation and celebration. The solemn Eucharistic Day with Solemn Mass, Eucharistic Adoration , Eucharistic Rally along the main road and the agape made the day very significant and spiritually refreshing. Thousands of faithful, most of the religious of the diocese and all the priests working in the diocese joined this great event.

November 16-17 – Fr. Lixon conducts monthly recollection

Rev. Fr. Lixon guided the monthly recollection for the blessed sacrament community Kandy where two of theology religious students are accommodated to attend the theological studies. The enlightening sharing of Fr. Lixon enriched the community and all were spiritually nourished. The community wholeheartedly thanked him for his guidance.


December 5- Religious Christmas get together at Bishop’s House

Two fathers of the community joined with the Diocesan religious for the Christmas gathering. Bishop Cletus thanked the religious for their dedicated service in the diocese. Some organized games, prayers and solemn lunch made the day very special to all.

December 12- Veneration of the Relic of St. Joseph Vaz

The community joined the diocesan veneration of the so called “bed” of St. Joseph Vaz, at St. Francis Xavier Church, Gurugalle. Most of the Bishops of the diocese and a good number of faithful visited it.

December 31 Christmas celebration with the adopted children and their family

In the sharing spirit of our Fr. Founder, on 31st December 2016, the Rogationist Mission House Avissawella, Srilanka, organized Christmas Celebration for the adopted children and their families, at St. Teresa’ Church, Dehigahapetiya, Avissawella.  Rev. Fr. Milton, parish priest presided over the celebration. The simple program consisted of “Kiss of love to Baby Jesus”, carol songs, fun games, gift distribution, gratitude to Sponsors and refreshment made all our children and their families more happy and memorable. Thanks to all our sponsors and all who work behind it. May God bless us all!

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