The second day of the Annual Assembly of Our Lady of Guadalupe Delegation continued

Sanger, November 30, 2021.

A topic on Rogationist Parish Ministry characterized the second day of the Assembly. Msgr. John Griesbach, a diocesan priest and director of Three Rivers Retreat House talked about the importance and meaning of the Parish's Pastoral Plan. After his reflection, there was a fruitful time of sharing about this topic. There was an exchange of ideas on organizing the pastoral ministry and characterizing it as Rogationist ministry.

A succulent lunch in which we taste a delicious lamb gladdens our fraternal communion. The second part of the day was dedicated to presenting two circular letters of the Fr. General, Fr. Bruno Rampazzo, namely, 'our fraternal communion with Christ and the Poor' and 'our communication.' Subsequently, we discussed and shared the two Rogationist Associations: Union of Prayer for Vocations and Rog Family. Then, we discussed the fundraising activities of the Delegation, that is, the Mission Appeal.