Vocation Awareness Week Celebration In Sanger

On November 8-10, St. Mary’ Parish celebrated the National Vocation Awareness Week. Two days were intended for around 600 CCD students and Agape students who were preparing for their first communion and RCIA programs.

The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the best time you will spend on earth.”, Mother Teresa of Calcutta said. Following this invitation, the students were given the opportunity to know the different vocations in the Church and pray for those who have been called and are serving the Lord. Also they were given the chance to pray for their own vocations in life during the Adoration.

Before the Adoration, a Vocation Film entitled “Fishers of Men” was shown to the students in order for them to deepen their knowledge about the activities, apostolate and ministries of priests. This is intended to cultivate the importance of praying for their own vocations and hopefully respond generously to the call. The adoration for vocations was organized at 5, 30 p.m. for the CCD kids, and 7,50 p.m. for the Agape students (youth) for two consecutive days with the help and collaboration of Catechists, Musicians and Parish Vocation Ministry (LARVA-Lay Rogationists Vocation Animators). Fr. John Bruno organized the activities in collaboration with Fr. Edwin Manio.






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