Henosis- 2nd session on the thanksgiving celebration of 150th anniversary of our charism

Today, on October 6, 2018, the second session of RCJ-FDZ joint venture ‘Henosis’:a joyful formative journey” was held  at FDZ Covent, Chalikkavattam.

The program started at 4.00pm with the opening prayer dance led by FDZ Aspirants. Sr. Barbara, the delegate Superior then welcomed all to the program and expressed her joy of coming together as Sons and Dauthers of St. Hannibal for this good cause. Fr. Joby Kavungal the major Superior of St. Thomas Quasi Province, we introduced Fr. Jacob Naluparayil MCBS, the resource person to the session. Fr. Jacob quoting from the life and works of Pope Francis challenged all to have better outlook on Holiness as simplified in his apostolic exhortation “Gaudate et Exsultate”. At the end of his session, few questions were raised for better clarifications.

The second session started after the Coffee break with the intervention of Sr.Ramya and Sr. Rose May who attempted to have a better link of the previous session with the spirituality of our charism in the light of St.Hannibal’s Life. Fr. Saji Puthuparambil and Fr.Saji Kappikuzhy also made their valuable intervention on the same topic and enriched the audience.

At the end of these interventions, all proceeded for the Eucharistic Adoration and thanked the master of the harvest for his great benevolence and care. The program ended with sumptuous dinner at 8.00 and all went back to their own destination thereafter.