Quasi Provincia Indiana

Ongoing formation for all priests of the Quasi Province

                  The Quasi Province of St. Thomas has organized for 2020 three ongoing formation courses for all priests divided into age groups: January 7-8 for those in their 1-5 years of priesthood, and January 10-11 for those in their 6-10 year of ministry. In November, those in their 11thyear of priesthood and above will have their ongoing formation. Fr. Jose Maria Ezpeleta, Councilor General in charge of Religious Life and Formation guides the courses that focused on the understanding of the ongoing formation based on the documents of the Church and the Congregation.

General Assembly of the St. Thomas Quasi Province

                  The Quasi Province of St. Thomas celebrated the General Assembly of the perpetually professed members on January 8-9, 2020 at the CST Retreat Center in Illithode, Kerala. Thirty-eight Rogationist deacons and priests attended. The main purpose of the Assembly was to approve the Directory of the Circumscription and to update the confreres about the life of the Quasi Province which is in the mid-term of the mandate of the present government. 

‘Marian’ - new religious article shop at Meenangadi, Kerala India

STQP had the joy to inaugurate today a new religious article shop called  “Marian”. It is actually part of Novitiate community of Rogationist St. Thomas Quasi Province. In presence of Rev, Fr. Giocchino Chappiereni and many conferrers from STQP, Major Superior Fr.Joby Kavugal blessed it and opened it for public. Shop has religious articles, books, vestments and all other needed items for church use.

Ordination to Diaconate - Aluva Kerala India

22 December 3.30 pn Rogate Ashram – Dearest, With  joy and gratitude to the Lord, the Rogationist St. Thomas Quasi  - Province cordially invites you to the Eucharistic celebration presided over by His Emeritus  Bishop Thomas Chakiath, on the occasion of the Ordination to the Diaconate of: Anish Nellithanathuparambil, Albin Elamthurithiyil, Jain Kuzhippillynirappil, Jobin Karakunnel, Jomon Mathekkal, Jomon Thaikkoottathil, Jijo Arackalan Pradosh Plakudiyil, Steny Kundaparambath. Invokin you valuable prayers, Rev. Fr Joby Kavungal  FCJ Major Superior.


In India, October 2nd is Celebrated as Gandhi-day as a gratitude of his love for nature and environment. Recently, this day is globally celebrated as Environment day too. We, Rogationist Academy used our time and space of this day, October 2, 2019, to have an increased awareness on the importance of environmental sensitivity. This comes at a pertinent moment when human impact on environmental is starting to have devastating consequences. We understood from observing children that they are sensitive to ecology.

Diaconate of Brothers Albin Thoppil, Nikhil Attukaran and Simoj Chakiath

September 7, 2019 - With Gratitude, St.Thomas Quasi Province, Kerala India, give thanks to the Master of the Harvest for his gracious gift of Diaconate of three brothers: Albin Thoppil, Nikhil Attukaran and Simoj Chakiath. In a concelebrated Holy Eucharist at Rogate Ashram Chapel Bishop Mathew Maniakizhakkel VC, ordained our three brothers to the Sacred Order of Diaconate and wished them fruitful service in the harvest of the Lord.

Three New Deacons in India

Br. Alex Chakiath, Br. Rinish and Br. Rinu Vadakkepurathan of the Rogationist Indian Quasi Province were raised to the Order of Diaconate through the laying of the hands of Bp. Thomas Chakiath, at the Chapel of Rogate Ashram on April 27, 2019. It was witnessed by Rogationist priests and brothers from different communities and also by the family and friends of the newly ordained deacons. The holy Mass was concelebrated by the Major Superior of the Quasi Province, Fr. Joby Kavungal.

Bro. Ajin George returns to the Father’s house

We received the sorrowful news this morning, February 14, 2019, of the sudden death of our young confrere, Bro. Ajin George Moolakkunnel of the Quasi Province of St. Thomas. He died due to heart attack during breakfast as the community of students were preparing to go to school. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but all means of reviving him was in vain. He was just 22 years old.