Quasi Provincia Indiana

10th anniversary of the death of Father Luigi Toffanin

The 10th anniversary of the death of Fr. Luigi Toffanin was solemnly commemorated on August 27, 2023, in his hometown of Pincara, in the province of Padua, Italy. The township of Pincara built a children's park in honor of Father Luigi. The park was inaugurated and blessed on the same day. The Mayor of Pincara, while addressing everyone, said: "This park in honor of Fr. Luigi Toffanin is to transmit to the generations his memory and his exemplary missionary life. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Matteo Sanavio. Sijo Mulavarickal, Fr. Paolo Barteppelle, Fr.

Aluva: Independence Day at Rogationist Academy

Aluva, 15/08/2023: The tribute to our freedom fighters will always be less compared, to their sacrifices...But our salute will be Never Less... The independence day of India is celebrated at Rogationist Academy with vigour and splendour. Asst. Commandant Kunnal Juneja unfurled the National Flag in the presence of Fathers, teachers, staff and students. Jai Hind.

Aluva, India: Inauguration of the Turf Court

Aluva, India: 15/08/2023- TheInauguration of The Turf at Rogationist Academy, school and at Rogate Ashram,Theologate, held yesterday by Tinu Yohannan, former Indian Cricket player in the presence of Fr Shajan Pazhayil, Major Superior, Fr Devassy Painadath, Principal, Fr Varghese Panickasserry, Manger and all the priests, teachers, staff, students and other well-wishers.



ALUVA: FAMILIA ROGATE-Rogationist Priests' Family Gathering

14/08/2023: Aluva- the gathering of the parents and the members of the priests of the STQP India is held yesterday in the after from 3 to 9 pm. It was to rejuvenate the foster between the families of our priests in the Quasi Province as they are also members of the ROGATE FAMILY. The gathering began with Holy Eucharist and then they all participated in the blessing of the newly built TURF court in the compound of Rogate Ashram and Rogationist  Academy.

Renewal of Vows at STQP, India

Aluva-15/05/2023: The renewal of vows of 27 brothers was held at Aluva Rogate Ashram and De Nobili College Pune. 25 brothers renewed their vows at Aluva and Fr Shajan Pazhayil, Major Superior, received their renewal. Two brothers renewed in Pune, Maharashtra, where they doing their theology studies and Fr Albert Kollamakudy received their vows as the delegate of Major Superior. There are two more brothers yet to renew and this will be done on 21 May in Sri Lanka. Thank you Lord for this ineffable gift of vocations and their perseverance. Viva Rogate.

Incontro dei Leaders delle Adozioni a distanza

Aluva, 1° Maggio 2023 – Presso la sede del Rogate Charity Center di Aluva si sono riuniti i 42 Coordinatori delle  Località dove abitano i bambini e giovani adottati a distanza (Rog Units Leaders), sotto la direzione di P. Saji Kallookkaran e dl P. Christy. Nell’ incontro si è avuta l’opportunità di aggiornarsi sulla situazione delle famiglie dei bambini e di programmare gli interventi del nostro Centro Caritativo in vista del nuovo anno scolastico 2023-2024 che in India inizia nel mese di Giugno.


(FEBRUARY, 24, ALUVA)The Rogationist Academy's Kindergarten Annual and Convocation day was held on 24th February 2023. It was a day filled with smiles, fun and an entertaining show put up by the children. The Guest of honor was Cine artist Kalabhavan Shajon. The young students of UKG walked across the stage adorned in traditional gowns and caps. Their smiling faces were welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience as they received scrolls of merit on the stage.

Padre Vibin Edassery leaves for Mexican Mission

(22/02/2023-India)Dear confreres, after due preparations and fulfilling the tasks entrusted, Fr Vibin Edassery is going to dedicate his life to the Mexican mission. Yesterday afternoon, Fr Shajan Pazhayil and the Aimury community gathered together at the community chapel to pray for Fr Vibin as he is going to start missionary life in another Country. Fr. Shajan blessed the Rogationist Cross and Fr Vibin received it to show his readiness and acceptance to be a zealous missionary according to the Charism of Rogate.

Ordinazione Sacerdotale del Diac. Sebastian Marakkassery, RCJ

26.01.2023. Nella giornata odierna, nella Chiesa “San Martino da Porres", Ambalavayal, il Diac. Sebastian Marakkassery, RCJ, della Quasi Provincia San Tommaso, è stato ordinato Presbitero, per l’imposizione delle mani di Sua Ecc.za Mons. Jose Porunnedom, Vescovo di Mananthavady.