Serve Center at St. Elisabeth of Hungary Parish, Van Nuys, California

St Elizabeth serve center is a joint endower of St Elizabeth parish and Rogationist fathers in California. The center has always been under the direction of Rogationist fathers.  

St Elizabeth serve center extends help to families who are in need. Serve center is open every Tuesday to distribute food for needy families. We give food for 200 families at this time of Covid 19. The center has fifteen volunteers to support its different activities. The volunteers prepare bags of groceries, vegetables, fruits and meat products to be distributed on Tuesdays.     

Center provides all kinds of groceries, clothings and special bags for our homeless friends. Center helps people who are unable to pay their bills and rent.  The center is a big help for those who are laid off from their jobs in this time of covid19. The center caters to the different needs of the poor in van Nuys. 

The center does special events for thanksgiving, Christmas, St Anthony, St Elizabeth, St Hannibal and Easter. These special events are for three hundred to three hundred fifty families.  Serve center does its daily administration through the generous support of its benefactors and parishioners.

 Fr Shinto Sebastian, responsible of the Server Center

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