November 29 - Second Day of the Assembly

 Second day of the assembly. This day was totally dedicated to the theme of Pastoral Care for Vocations. In the morning, we started with the celebration of the Eucharist presided by Fr. Javier Flores. After breakfast, at 9:00 am there was the first topic via zoom from Guadalajara given by the Psychologist Gabriel Mercado on the following topic: Los jóvenes que hoy vienen a nuestros seminarios, ¿quiénes son? ¿Qué están buscando? Una lectura psicosociológica. He gave us a clear picture of the world wherein the youth live today as well as useful orientations on vocation discernment and the formation process. Afterward, at 11:00 am there was the second zoom conference by Mr. Sam Alzheimer and Fr. Brett Brannen. Mr. Sam spoke about Vocation promotion in the context of the USA today. Challenges and perspectives. Then, at 3:00 pm Fr. Brett Brannen spoke about the following topic: Accompanying the seminarians in their priestly and religious formation nowadays. Both of the conferences highlighted our commitment to promoting Rogationist vocations, the foundation of our growth in this land.  

Finally, there was a community meeting on the following topics: 1) Spreading a culture of vocations in our Parishes; 2) Promoting Rogationist vocations; 3) Caring for the first formation stages. The purpose of our sharing was to come up with a concrete plan for vocation promotion in our parishes, around the United States and Mexico. 

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