Rogate Center Organizes Online Liturgical Conference on the Solemn Feast of July the First

Fr. John Francis C. Aberion, RCJ

22 Jun 2021 - An Online Liturgical Conference in preparation for the celebration of the Feast of July 1st was organized by the Rogate Center, which featured two (2) Rogationist priests who shared about the importance and challenges that can be reflected through this event.

The theme of the Conference is: “FOR TO US, HE IS GIVEN.” Indeed, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is given to all by the Father. This is affirmed by Jesus himself in the Gospel, when He said, “I came so that all may have life.” What is the Feast of July 1st? Days away from what is considered to be one of the greatest feasts in the life of the Rogate Family, all were invited to learn and affirm the faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist through this evening conference.

Last night, two Rogationist priests shared their reflection on this Feast, leading the audience to renew their honor and reverence on the Eucharist, and looking upon the Eucharist as the best place to pray for holy vocations.

The first speaker, Fr. Jessie Martirizar, RCJ, is the current Postulant Director in the St. Matthew Province of the Rogationists. He shared about "The Historical and Charismatic Significance of the Feast of July 1st." Meanwhile, the second speaker, Fr. Ulrich Gacayan, RCJ, Provincial Councilor on the Sector of the Rogate, deepened on some "Significant Liturgical Notes on the Solemn Feast of July 1st."

To moderate and facilitate last night's activity, Fr. John Francis Aberion, RCJ, In-Charge of the Rogate Center and Director of the Pastoral Institute for Vocation Ministry (PIVM), served as the Moderator.

The whole activity was livestreamed via the "Rogate Media SMP" Facebook Page.

For those who would like to have a replay of the conference, here is the link to the Facebook Page: